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poured-concrete-walls (Medium)

Poured Concrete Walls Advantages

Concrete walls serve a number of functions. They can be retaining walls that keep back water or earth, decorative adornments ...
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acrylic-render (Medium)

What is acrylic render?

Acrylic render is similar to 'cement render' with the only difference being that it does not contain any cement. Acrylic ...
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foam-concrete (Medium)

What is Foam Concrete?

Foam concrete is a kind of porous concret, similar to aerated concrete. Foamed Concrete structures can be constructed easily and ...
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Mechanically Stabilized Earth Walls

Mechanically Stabilized Earth Walls (MSE Walls) and Reinforced Soil Slopes are cost-effective soil-keeping structures that can bear much larger settlements ...
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Cut-off wall

Cut-off walls are used to exclude groundwater from an excavation, to minimise the requirement for dewatering pumping. Typically, the process ...
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Pipe Pile

When the shallow earths are not powerful enough to support the loads from the construction deep foundations are needed. The ...
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Contiguous piling

Contiguous piling is an extremely successful approach to creating a retaining wall before excavations start. Temporary or long-lasting and readily ...
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H-Piles are often driven into the earth and used for deep foundations to support constructions like bridges and buildings, in ...
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Minipiles, also called micropiles, (and less commonly as pin heaps, needle stacks and root heaps) are deep foundation elements constructed ...
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crib-wall (Medium)

Crib wall

Concrete crib walls are gravity retaining walls, built from parts that are interlocking, precast, concrete. They can be full of ...
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Concrete masonry unit

Concrete Masonry Units are one of the most versatile products in the construction industry. They can supply the structural framework ...
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Concrete Fence

Concrete Fences offers the most cost effective option to wood, brick or stone fences that won’t rot, corrode or readily ...
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Retaining Wall Drainage

When drainage goes unaddressed hydrostatic pressure will develop behind the wall and cause damage like breaking or bulging. First, would ...
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What Is Jet Grouting?

Jet grouting is a grouting technique that uses the kinetic energy from a fluid to loosen ground. The jets erode ...
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