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Concrete Repair Products You Should Know About

Concrete is not as simple as it may appear. You walk on it daily, you may have it in your driveway, but if it breaks down, you’re going to deal with a lot of issues overall. Fixing hard surfaces requires you to look into specific repair methods. There’s several different ways that you can do this, including purchasing several products overall. Some fixes are simple, and others are complex and require you to buy a lot of different things overall. With that in mind, consider a few notes in regards to concrete fixes.


Surface Options

When you are looking at repairing cracks and uneven surfaces, you’ll need to cut out the elements. You’ll need to cut things out and replace them with concrete mix. A mix ratio of standard concrete is going to be needed. First you’ll need to reinforce the area, and make sure that you let it settle in place, with proper alignment to the existing surface. You’ll find that you can reinforce this with steel, and remove damaged options before pouring concrete mix into the vacated area.

Fixing Cracks

The next thing that you will look at is in regards to fixing cracks. Cracks can be fixed with a variety of options. The most common fixes that you will find here include epoxy, and foam. You’ll find that you can inject this and wait for it to dry, then buffer it out to a smooth surface. These materials are flexible, and can completely heal cracks within concrete. You can purchase an injection kit, or you could use a polyurethane foam that comes out of a caulking gun. Either way, you may need to put a good amount of this into the cracks to ensure that the concrete is in fact 100% repaired.

Polymers, Fillers, Resins, Etc.

The basics that you will want to look into for concrete repair products include a lot of simple polymers, mixes, and cement crack fillers. It’s very simple to look for these in hardware stores, and place them over cracks and elements that you have to repair. However, these products only help with minor issues. If you have a larger problem, such as sunken concrete, uneven surfaces, and broken pieces, you’ll end up needed a professional fix. While you can inject polymer, latex, and more into cracks, and fill the areas that you need to repair, this is not going to fix larger problems. Bonding, sealing cracks, and stirring cement for filling holes is the important aspect that you will need amidst products for repair. In the end, you may still need a professional to fix these areas.

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