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Crib wall

crib-wall (Medium)Concrete crib walls are gravity retaining walls, built from parts that are interlocking, precast, concrete. They can be full of free draining earth and stuff back-fill to remove the risks of hydrostatic pressure building up behind the wall.

Crib walls are low cost, of open net building, and can be rapidly and inexpensively erected. They could be used virtually everywhere a retaining wall is desired – including building sites, drives, and garden areas.

Reasons for using crib walls made from concrete:
1. Ease of building
Concrete crib walls are readily and quickly erected and don’t need skilled labour. Two individuals can readily handle parts, and there aren’t any expensive bases included.
2. Equilibrium, security and durability
The open net building and use of stuff that is free draining removes two common reasons for breakdown in retaining walls — specifically build up of the damaging pressure of tree root systems and hydrostatic pressure.
The high quality precast concrete parts supply for long term durability and WOn’t rot or warp.
3. Low cost
Our crib walls are made specifically to enable speed and ease of building for minimal price and need little if any care. The standard, quality parts allow for the most efficient options for various wall heights.
4. Aesthetics
This enables the wall to blend in with any planned or present surroundings.
5. Adaptability
Crib walls are very flexible and can readily be built to follow undulating terrain, inclines, and gentle curves. They can be also readily set around corners.
What’s more, the ability to dismantle and re-erect parts quickly and easily as required means temporary or permanent constructions may be formed by our walls as the demand dictates.
Where building must be carried out in stages — weather or other variables — our walls are perfect as there isn’t any long-term connection between parts, enabling portions of wall when and where needed to be continued.

Crib Walls accessible in all sizes

Criblok system
During the last four decades several manufacturers have started making precast concrete and treated timber crib wall components, appropriate for “back yard” programs, where there’s limited site accessibility. The Criblok system uses a maximum weight of weight of only 106 pounds, which enable individual workmen to manhandle the components.

The system is made using 100% recycled waste polymers.
When contemplating options on developments of a variety, the life price means Ecocrib is the selection that is efficient.

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